Home health care worker and an elderly couple



Every person is capable to live a comfortable life at home, most especially during advanced years or during the period of recovery from an injury or disability. ASHTON HOMES LLC offers comprehensive care programs to help our patients achieve this feat.

We are aware that not all patients are the same. We make an effort to understand your needs and customize a care plan to attend to these needs. To top that, our qualified healthcare professionals will see to the proper implementation of the care plan.

We offer:

24-Hour Customized Living

We provide 24-hour supervision on clients at our homes and provide the necessary care according to the care plan created by the registered nurse (RN) with the client’s input.

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

TBIs can be life altering. That’s why delicate support is provided by our professionals & caregivers to individuals with TBI.

Medication Management System

We will make sure that clients medications are set up correctly by a registered nurse (RN) and administered by our caregivers on time.

Behavior Support

We help clients replace dangerous behaviors by helping them establish positive ones.

Diabetes/Blood Glucose Monitoring

Monitoring the condition of diabetic clients will help us care for our clients better.

Long Term Disabilities Care

Our caregivers will provide the much-needed support as long as it is required.

Dementia Care

Seniors with dementia will receive specialized dementia care from us.

Personal Care

Accomplishing tasks can be easy with a little support.

Companion Care

We will look after the client to ensure total well-being.

Live-In Care

Our caregivers will take the evening shift to look after the client.

Respite Care

Family caregivers get the relaxation and personal time they need.

We strive hard not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them. Our healthcare professionals are reliable when it comes to the delivery of high-quality care.

To engage any of our services or if you’d like to inquire about any of them, please contact 763-777-1059.