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At Ashton Homes LLC, we don’t follow a “one-solution-for-all” approach. After all, we recognize that each one of our clients has different needs and situations. In an effort to meet these differences, we make sure that we deliver client-centered services that can cater to the specific circumstances of every client that we serve. This is where our consulting services come in.

Through our consulting services, we will discuss your specific needs and identify innovative solutions that are unique to your situation. Our qualified consultants will work closely with you – they will listen closely to your needs, provide useful input, and provide the guidance that you need to help you attain your goals.

Our Team
Our consulting team is composed of competent and licensed educators, clinicians, and home care administrators. They are ready to share their expertise, experience, and useful insight with you. With the guidance of our consultants, we strive to help you accomplish your goals and acquire what you need.

Home Health Business Startup
If you are thinking about starting your own home health business but you don’t know where or how to start, allow our consultants to help you. Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but with the guidance of our consultants, we can help you make informed decisions that can help you successfully establish your business.

Our consultants can:

  • Provide advice regarding regulatory compliance and licensing processes
  • Provide strategy and planning assistance
  • Help with business structure development
  • Provide the necessary tools and knowledge required to create a successful business
  • And more

Education and Training

Are you looking for proficient trainers who can provide the comprehensive education and training that your staff requires? Whether you are looking to train professionals or paraprofessionals, we have qualified consultants who can provide training sessions that are informative, easy to understand, and complete with all of the regulations and rules that they need to learn.

Depending on your needs, we can cover a broad range of topics from proper etiquette, rules and regulations surrounding care professionals, motivational training, conflict resolution, leadership training, and other related topics. We prepare educational presentations and other useful training material that best suits each topic.

Quality Improvement

Do you want to improve the quality of the services that you provide? Do you want your agency to run more efficiently and smoothly? Our consultants can provide quality improvement and clinical reviews that can help guide you to the right direction.

They can:

  • Review, analyze, and identify trending data
  • Develop appropriate action plans according to evaluation findings
  • Conduct continuing clinical record reviews
  • Help develop a quality improvement program tailored to your agency’s needs.
  • Educate staff regarding quality improvement strategies

Leadership Training

Do you want to lead your staff better? Do you want to expand and improve your leadership skills? If you want to become a better role model to your staff, our consultants can provide an in-depth organizational analysis and leadership training program for you. During this leadership training program, we can assess your effectiveness, your role in the agency, your strengths, and your areas for improvement. Our consultants will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals and become a better leader.

If you have further inquiries about our consulting services, contact us at 763-777-1059. If you would like to personally meet our consultant, you can Set An Appointment now.